August 29-Sept. 2

Hello Howell's Huskies!

We have had a wonderful start to the school year! The students and I have been getting to know each other and I can already predict that we are going to be a great team!

We have been practicing using our classroom library and I have seen so much excitement for reading from the students. I can’t wait to create more opportunities for reading and writing within the classroom! During our morning literacy block, we have been working on making predictions and practicing some center rotations like Word Work with their word study words and Read to Someone with making predictions activities.

In math, the students have been introduced to place value up to the hundred thousands place! We have had fun using Base 10 blocks to explore this concept. Science was also fun last week! We learned about the scientific method and the 5 steps of an experiment (Observation, Questions, Hypothesis, Experiment, Conclusion). The students had fun conducting experiments like The Apple Seed where students asked “How many apple seeds are in an apple?” In The Paper Airplane Experiment, students asked “How far will my paper airplane fly?”

Students making observations during the Colored Marshmallow Experiment.

Looking ahead in Reading, Math and Social Studies, students will be introduced to identifying main ideas and details, rounding to the thousands and practicing map skills while identifying continents and oceans.

Students will be provided with new vocabulary every week. Using their interactive binders in class, students will use this helpful tool to complete assignments and study for upcoming tests and quizzes.

Vocabulary Week of Aug. 29-Sept.2


  • Main Idea- What a story, paragraph or passage is mostly about. It is an important idea the student should remember and be able to describe is a sentence.
  • Details- Supporting words and sentences that explain and relate to the main idea. Like adding toppings on a hamburger makes it tastier, adding details to a story makes the main idea more exciting and interesting.


  • Place Value- The value of each digit and depends upon the position of the digit in the number. In the number 4,623 the six is in the hundreds place and the value of 6 is six hundred.
  • Standard Form- The number shown using digits. ex: 4,623
  • Expanded Form- The number shown using the value of each digit. ex: 4,oo0+600+20+3=4,623
  • Written Form- The number shown using words. ex: four thousand six hundred twenty three (4,623)
  • Rounding- An estimation strategy for finding useful numbers in practical situations like grocery shopping. ex: 44 rounded to the nearest ten is 40, 48 rounded to the nearest ten is 50.

Social Studies

  • Map Title- The name of a map. Describes what it shows.
  • Map Legend- Explains the symbols used on a map.
  • Compass Rose- Show cardinal directions and intermediate directions on a map.
  • Cardinal Directions/Intermediate Directions- North, South, East, West and Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast
  • Coordinate Grid- A simple system using letters and numbers to locate places on a map.
  • Hemisphere-Half of a globe created by the Prime Meridian or the Equator.
  • Equator- An imaginary line around the middle of the earth that cuts the globe into the Northern and Southern hemispheres.
  • Prime Meridian- An imaginary line around the middle of Earth that cuts the globe into the Eastern and Western hemispheres.


What Can You Do?

  • Read with your child every night
  • Practice Vocabulary
  • Word Study practice
  • Find real word examples like GPS, using rounding and estimation while shopping, read a book and talking about the main idea.